Yoga Teacher Training

What exactly is Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training is a much sought after word today in the global yoga circles. YTTC is a short abbreviation for the same. This format of learning is an intensive curriculum which contains a set syllabus and practices to be taught in a set duration of time. This kind of training is based on a specific approach of a quick brushing up of skills necessary for someone to take Yoga on a more deeper level of Teaching. When it comes to teaching, you need specific skill sets. A person can go on to practise yoga for years, but when it comes to teaching, there might be a need of more conviction and clarity in what you say to others. More than believing, yoga is about experiencing and to make students experience any particular technique, a teacher must know the exact method of making such happen. That is why Yoga teacher training comes loaded with such skill sets to enable aspiring teacher to be more authentic in their teachings. Moreover it provides an opportunity to understand and acknowledge Yoga as it is. For any teacher, it is very important to know what exactly is Yoga, where it comes from, why it is practiced and what it gives? All these and similar answers can be found in a course like that. It covers the subjects of practice and study altogether giving the students a comprehensive knowledge of Yoga as a discipline in its entirety.

When we talk about an institute offering Yoga Teacher training, often the picture in our minds is crowded with a loads of queries. And on the grounds there can be a few classifications on where actually we choose to register for a course. Typically yoga was used to be practiced in Ashrams with a semi secluded approach so as the students can have a deep rooted experience towards the depth of their beings. Along with the time, there came along several other options in terms of studying yoga not only as a tradition, but also as an academic stream. And with that many institutions were established who tried to blend together the contemporary  as well as traditional approach towards yoga teaching. Today there are numerous of such options available to the students and along with that there is a rich diversity of the choices. But while we choose to spend a month towards such a course, one very important thing that has to be kept in mind towards making our selection is that Yoga is a discipline which is based on a specific tradition. If your place of choice understands the concept of tradition and follows the guidelines of the tradition itself, then it is a genuine place you are looking for. The point is that teachings of yoga will come alive only under the directions which are furthered through the tradition since ages and has kept this unique art alive and fresh even today.

A well rounded syllabus of Yoga Teacher training has to cover up following subjects:

1. Principles of Hatha Yoga. As the major practices of Yoga are based on this very stream, so the students must be very clear in the same. Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, Gherand Samhita, Shiv Samhita, Hatha Ratnavali are some of the authoritative texts which contains the principles governing the idea of Hatha Yoga.

2. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. A selective study of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a must for every teacher training course as they provide the basis for understanding the psychology behind the practise of Raj Yoga.

3. Basic Anatomy and Physiology. As yoga teachers are going to deal with the bodies of their students, they must understand the principles behind the functioning of body mechanics. A basic knowledge of human systems and organs, muscle functions, movements and kinetics, and body mind dynamics is required for one to craft effective teachings.

4. Lesson planning and teaching skills.

5. A brief overview of related philosophy of Samkhya, the selective study of Bhagwad Geeta which gives a remarkable description about individual natures and their orientations and methods to live a life which is fulfilled and contented.

6. Practical principles of developing a class, handling the class, understanding the individuals and benefit the students from the class.

Apart from the above, the individual experience of teachers in the course, will be a highlight which will provide the students to gain more insight towards teaching by sharing the same experience. This must be kept in mind that Yoga teacher training is not only about teaching asanas in a class, rather it is also about giving an opportunity to people coming to your class to share your energy, your vibrations and feel exhilarated.

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Happy Yoga to all !!





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