Remarkable Yoga teacher training experience November 2013

This november we had a fantastic experience with our students in a month long yoga teacher training program at Jeevmoksha. The students were aspiring, motivated and clear on their objectives. They share a common interest of learning and gaining the insights into yoga and assimilating their experience into knowledge. They were dedicated and connected towards realising more about themselves through this discipline of self realisation. We all had a great time sharing with each other and learning all together. Every time you share you learn and this sort of learning is far ahead of just gaining information. Because it goes deep down to your psyche and creates an impression which is constructive. More constructive patterns in psyche gives more opportunities of higher experiences. And i believe this is what we are trying to do when we practise Yoga. My congratulations to all the students of Jeevmoksha and heartiest wishes for their upcoming lives. Whatever they do may it evolve them in awareness and bliss.


Acharya Vinay



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